Authentic America is not her cities nor her factories nor in the multi-culturalism of her population. Each of these are common elsewhere in the world. What makes North America unique is her land, her nature, her wild life. A habitat that weaves itself into our lives far more personally than we perhaps realise.

When we notice the color of leaves turning to Fall, catch the smell of newly cut grass, or hear the song of a familiar bird, we can be immediately transported to that place and time in our lives that they remind us of. We remember through our senses.

With that thought in mind, and with much appreciated direction from Cornell University, have developed a series of gift cards around 20 native animals. The first in a series of many. Each is a gift that can prompt memories, share an experience or can represent the authentic and real America in a souvenir of nature.

Each Wild-Card gift carries striking images set in their authentic habitat, utilizing the colors of fauna and season in the design.

When the card is opened an 8 second song of the professionally recorded highlights of the animals actual call is played...

A Bald Eagle hunting fish in a river wilderness, Common Loon protecting her young in a still lake, Hermit Thrush plucking seed from in autumn forest, Purple Martins chattering while feeding their young amidst springtime blossom, Western Meadowlark in a Bluebonnet field, and the American Goldfinch boasting of his plumage while settling in the summer blossom of the Dogwood Tree.

Sounds and images of each bird represent captured moments in the creature's life that would normally be near impossible to view

Created to be an gift of artistic merit in its own right, Wild-Card presents the uniqueness and value of each bird or mammal, visually, audibly and with content. The images are stunning, the songs are captivating, and the content is book worthy.

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