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Wild-Card is a site that sells conservation, native and ecotourism singing animal products, including gifts and greeting cards from America, New Zealand and Australia. The site features both endangered and exotic, American, New Zealand and Australia native birds and mammals.

At the first light of dawn, around the world, a community of creatures, beyond number, gather, in every country, around every district and across every neighbourhood. All at the same time of day. They don’t howl, they don’t growl and they don’t hiss. They sing! They celebrate the new day! They are our native birds. Often shy, for the most part, gentle, and always busy. They live where we live, to us their song is the sound of home, they connect us to our homeland. They connect us to our ancestors, we hear the same songs as those who have gone before. We appreciate the same natural beauty as did our forefathers. And they connect us to our natural habitat, the Earth, to share our world, with them and to restore them to the extent that our world may once again become vibrant with nature. With all this in mind Original Species Ltd. has developed an upmarket quality gift around the native birds of our homeland, with a view to sharing that homeland experience with visitors and friends.